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The roundish planetary nebula in the upper right corner of this image is VBRC 3, the third entry in the VBRC catalogue of seven southern planetaries (see description of our VBRC 1 image for more info on this catalogue). Only 28 arcminutes away, at lower left, is much brighter, but smaller, planetary nebula Hen 2-36. The designation "Hen 2-n" means it is object number 'n' in the second catalogue of Karl G. Henize, which was published in the 1966 paper "Observations of Southern Planetary Nebulae".

Despite their proximity in the sky, these two planetary nebulae lie in different constellations. The Vela/Carina border runs horizontally through (roughly) the center of this (North up) image, so VBRC 3 is in Vela while Hen 2-36 is in Carina.