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This interesting field of view contains several bright galaxies. At the upper left are nearly-edge-on NGC 5775 and nearly-face-on NGC 5774; just below them is the small galaxy IC 1070. The pair just below center is IC 1067 (top) and IC 1066. The real star of the picture, though, is a rare ring galaxy, PGC 53126, at the upper right of IC 1067. Note its similarity to Hoag's Object (previous image in this gallery), the prototype ring galaxy. PGC 53126 is about 400 light-years away toward the constellation Virgo.

During the 4 hours of exposure two asteroids passed through the field of view. At bottom center is the bright streak of (1609) Brenda from the L exposures, while to its upper left is a short red-green-blue streak caused by asteroid (329) Svea moving through while the R, G, and B filters were being used.