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The largest and brightest galaxy in this image, at top center, is NGC 3660, a face-on spiral galaxy in the constellation Crater about 150 million light years away. To its left is rare ring galaxy PGC 1000714 (look for the fuzzy core surrounded by a dim ring, to the left of NGC 3660). This galaxy was in the news in early 2017 as a result of a paper by Burcin, Mangedarage, Seigar, and Treuthardt (you can read it here) which reports the presence of not just one but two rings, making this the only known double-ringed galaxy. The ring visible in our image is the brighter outer ring. The inner ring is dimmer and close to the core of pgc 1000714. In the lower right of the image is small galaxy IC 690 at a distance of 300 MLy.