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The Pleiades star cluster is one of the most well-known objects in the sky. It is easily visible to the naked eye but a photograph is needed to reveal its intricate reflection nebulae. This is an LRGB image with 90:40:40:40 minutes (2.5 hours) of exposure.

There are two "hidden" deep sky objects in this photo. Near the right edge of the image, a little below center, is the tiny edge-on galaxy PGC 13696. The second object is located near the bright star Merope that's a little below the center of the image. See how this star appears to have a small "wart" on its bottom edge? Here is a closeup of that region that has been processed differently so as to reduce the glare from Merope:

This tiny reflection nebula, IC 349, is only 30 arcseconds in size and is located just 30 arcseconds from Merope.