Click here for a higher-resolution image

This 45x30-arcminute region in Lyra contains three interesting and very different objects. Most prominent, in the lower right, is rich open cluster NGC 6791. In the upper left is the planetary nebula Kn 61, named for its discoverer, Matthias Kronberger, who found it in 2011. Kn 61 is very dim; this image uses 6 hours of O-III narrowband exposure to reveal it. In the higher-resolution image hints of some structure in Kn 61 can be seen.

The third interesting object is the star to the lower left of the cluster pointed to by an arrow. This is the star Kepler 19, which is known to have not one but two exoplanets. Here is the discovery paper describing the Kepler 19 solar system, also from 2011.

As a bonus, there's a fourth object. On the high-resolution image, move straight down from Kn 61 to the first fairly bright star, then a little down and to the right. You'll find a tiny sliver, an edge-on spiral galaxy whose NED name is 2MASX J19220975+3813031. Unfortunately, no further information on this galaxy (distance, etc.) seems to be available.