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This image of Comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson) is from just 24 minutes of exposure through an L filter at 3:30 EST on 27 Feb 2017, at which time the comet was shining at about magnitude 9.5. This scene is located in the constellation Hercules, where there are many galaxies, and despite the mere 24 minutes of exposure a number of interesting galaxies are visible in the image. Stretching to the lower right of the nucleus of the comet is a chain of three "stars". The rightmost one is not a star but faint, fuzzy galaxy ASK 164251.0, about magnitude 17, lying at a distance of about 750 million light years. Just to the upper left of the end of the comet tail is edge-on galaxy ASK 164244.0, magnitude 17 and a distance of around 600 million light years.