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The somewhat unusual object in this image is Simeis 147, a large but very faint supernova remnant that actually resides in two constellations: most of it is in Taurus but about the upper third resides in Auriga. It also appears in the Sharpless catalogue of nebulae as object number 240 but it is usually known by the name Simeis 147 in honor of the location of the observatory in Crimea where it was discovered in the 1950's. At the lower left is small emission nebula Sharpless 242. This image uses 7 hours of H-alpha data combined with 10 minutes each (!) of RGB. To fit this large object (3 degrees in diameter) in the frame a vintage Pentax 135mm f/2.5 lens was used, attached via an adapter to an Atik 460ex CCD camera.