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Here's another section of the wonderfully complex and beautiful nebulosity that runs throughout the constellation Cygnus, this region being just a few degrees northwest of the very bright star Deneb. The mostly blue nebula is Sharpless 115 (= LBN 357) and the orange parts are a combination of LBN 352 and LBN 362. The "bubble" in the upper right is Sharpless 116 (= PK 084.9+04.4). As you might guess from the fact that it is included in the PK catalogue of planetary nebulae, this was considered to be a planetary nebula for many decades, but a research paper in 1991 (by Pismis, Hasse, Quintero) argues that it is not a planetary (i.e., composed of gas from a dying star) but rather an ordinary emission nebula.

This is an 8-hour exposure with H:O:S = 4:2:2 hours.