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The Seagull Nebula is located about 10 degrees below the celestial equator in the constellation of Monoceros, which puts it fairly low in the sky for Northern Hemisphere observers. This is a large object: the field of view here is 2.5 x 2 degrees, and it still doesn't all fit (there is more "wing" extending to the left). I framed it this way so as to include vdB 94, the bright nebulous knot in the tip of the right wing. Even though this is reflection nebula it has a bright emission component as well and so still shows up in this narrowband image.

The bright head of the Seagull is IC 2177. This entire nebula is often called IC 2177 even though, strictly speaking, this designation applies just to the head. Two nice open clusters are also visible. The more compact cluster in the blue area at the lower left is NGC 2343, while the larger and looser cluster at the far left (in the "wing") is NGC 2335. The two bubble-like nebulas at the top edge of the image are vdB 90 (just above the wing) and vdB 88 to its upper left (which is larger but half cut off by the edge of the image).