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This relatively nondescript magnitude-14 galaxy (the bright blob near the center of the image) is nonetheless noteworthy, since it is the northernmost object in the NGC/IC catalogues. Located just 1 degree from Polaris at +89 degrees declination, its Latin name literally means "very north Polar". Just to its left is small galaxy PGC 36268 and near the left edge of the image lies PGC 29073. The faint haze on the left side of the picture is part of a huge and faint nebula complex called the IFN (Integrated Flux Nebula). This nebula, discovered only as recently as 1994, lies just outside the polar regions of our galaxy. As its name implies, unlike most nebulas, which are illuminated by the light or energy from a single star or a star cluster, this nebula is lit up by the integrated glow of our entire galaxy.