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Though much less famous than other planetaries such as the Ring Nebula or Dumbbell Nebula, planetary nebula Jones-Emberson 1 in Lynx is equally photogenic, though quite a bit dimmer than its more famous cousins. Many galaxies can be seen in the distant background, the brightest of which is spiral PGC 22186 (= UGC 4085) near the right edge of the image. The small horizontal sliver of a galaxy to the left of Jones-Emberson 1 is 2MASX J07583054+5323177 (mag. 15.9) at a light-travel-time distance of 945 million light-years - about 600,000 times farther away than the planetary nebula. There is even a galaxy visible through the central portion of the nebula where the gases are the least dense; can you spot it? This is an 7.75-hour exposure with 3:3:1:(0.25):(0.25):(0.25) hours of HOLRGB.