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This image covers about a square degree in the southern constellation Ara, and shows the brightest, central part of the rather large nebula NGC 6188. In the center of the image two mysterious creatures appear to be engaged in battle. I see Godzilla on the right and some sort of giant rat-monster on the left, so rather than its traditional name, The Fighting Dragons of Ara, I've come to call it Godzilla Vs. The Giant Rat Monster.

The bright patch on the "body" of the "rat" is known as RCW 108-IR, an open cluster that's quite bright in visible light but even more so in infrared. The collection of bright stars above the rat, about halfway to the top of the image, is open cluster NGC 6183. Probably both NGC 6183 and RCW 108-IR are involved in energizing and lighting up the nebulosity of NGC 6188.