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This image shows a 6x4-degree patch of sky in the constellation Scorpius (north is to the right). It is a 2-panel mosaic taken with an Astro-Tech AT72 refractor and Starlight Xpress M25C one-shot-color CCD camera; each panel is 12x10 min = 2 hours of exposure. Some of the objects in this image are:

Antares - very bright star on the left side and a bit above center
Rho Ophiuchi - triple star on the right side of the picture
Sigma Scorpii - bright star above red nebula at the bottom
IC 4606 - large orange/brown cloud on the left side of picture
M4 - large globular cluster at lower left
NGC 6144 - small globular cluster to the lower right of Antares
Sharpless 9 - red emission nebula at the bottom
IC 4605 - small blue reflection nebula above center
IC 4603 - blue reflection nebula to lower right of center
IC 4604 - large reflection nebula at the right, surrounding Rho Ophiuchi

The inky dark nebulae snaking though the picture have various LDN (Lynds Dark Nebulae) designations.