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At the center of this image is an apparently interacting pair of galaxies that is notable primarily for being so non-notable. It is not listed in any of the professional databases (even comprehensive ones such as NED) even though it is clearly visible in the SDSS and POSS II images. I call it "the Lonely L" not just because it is unnamed and unstudied but also because it sits in a rather lonely field. The brightest galaxy here, above and a little to the left of the Lonely L, is the unremarkable PGC 47542, while to the lower right of the L (near the bottom of a sprinkling of brightish stars) is little PGC 47052. There are also a handful of tiny 2MASX galaxies. This field is located far north, at declination +77, near the boundary between Camelopardalis and Ursa Minor.